Samuel B. Everette

Samuel B. Everett was born in Francistown, New Hampshire on November 10th, 1840. Both of his parents were teachers, and he was the grandson of Eleazer Everett, a Revolutionary War veteran. In 1843, the Everett family moved to Woodford County, Illinois. He enlisted in the 4th Illinois Cavalry in August of 1862, at 22 years of age.

Supply of war material was always a problem in the first years of the war, and the 4th Illinois Cavalry learned how to do the saber drill with wooden swords. The regiment spent 1863 doing scout duty in West Tennessee and Northern Mississippi, and moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi in August of 1863. From there, Private Everett and the 4th Illinois moved to Natchez, Mississippi in January of 1864, and spent most of that year on scout duty in Southern Mississippi and Eastern Louisiana. In December of 1864 the regiment fought in the battle of Franklin, Tennessee. Also that month Private Everett had $20.00 deducted from his pay, for losing his pistol. That sum equaled almost 2 months pay for a Civil War soldier. According to information provided by the Everett family, a Union soldier who was deserting robbed Private Everett of his pistol. He was mustered out of service with the rest of his regiment on June 15th, 1865 in Memphis.

After the war Mr. Everett married Miss Clara Spees in 1867 in Illinois. They moved to Iowa, where Mrs. Everett died in 1872. Mr. Everett returned to Illinois, and married Miss Sarah Lamson in 1874. The couple had 5 children, only one of who survived Mr. Everett. The family moved to Westminster in 1875, where Mr. Everett owned a 40-acre ranch with 25 dairy cows. He also raised poultry. Mr. Everett died on February 15th, 1929 at age 89. He is buried in Magnolia Memorial Park.