Private David Nichols

 David Nichols was born in Gurnsey County, Ohio in 1847. His parents were Solomon Nichols and Rebecca Abels.

Private Nichols enlisted at age 17 in the 148th Ohio National Guard Infantry for 90 days in May of 1864, and was discharged in September of 1864. He was 5 feet 6 inches tall, with gray eyes and a dark complexion.  The 148th served on guard duty in Bermuda Hundred, Virginia for its 90-day service.

Private Nichols enlisted as a substitute for John Stagle in the 29th Ohio Infantry on October 14th, 1864. He joined his regiment later that month at Atlanta, Georgia. In November the regiment helped burn Atlanta down, and started on the famous March to the Sea, under the command of General William Sherman. The 29th Ohio fought in Georgia and the Carolinas, and at the conclusion of the war Private Nichols and the rest of the regiment marched to Washington, D.C. to take part in the Grand Review, a two -day parade of the victorious Union Army through Washington. The 29th Ohio and Private Nichols were mustered out of service at Cleveland, Ohio on July 13th, 1865.

Mr. Nichols returned to Ohio and became a farmer. He moved to Iowa a few years later and married Marrietta Lamb in 1872. They had 5 children. They moved to Berkley, California in the 1880’s and moved to Garden Grove about 1890. Mr. Nichols owned a barley ranch at the corner of Gilbert Street and W.Ocean Blvd., which is now Garden Grove Blvd. He died on November 5th, 1935, of a gastric hemorrhage and Alzheimer’s disease at age 88. His family paid $210.50 in undertaker fees and $40.15 for the cemetery plot, for a total of $250.65.