About US

Magnolia Memorial Park is a non-profit cemetery. It was purchased by Garden Grove Friends Church in June of 2014.

People frequently ask, “Why would a church purchase a cemetery?” This is a valid question and, in fact, the congregation had no plans to purchase a cemetery. However, once the opportunity was presented to the church it became clear that this could open the door for a very effective ministry for witnessing to and helping guide families during a very difficult time in life. After extensive research and discussion the congregation voted unanimously to secure the property.

Magnolia Memorial Park is committed to providing families with first-rate burial options at reasonable prices, in an environment that is beautiful and dignified. Foundational to our commitment to quality and to dedication to the families of those interred here, are the careful selection and training of our staff and the regular maintenance of our property and facilities.

We strive to treat every person with dignity and grace.  You will not find a more positive cemetery atmosphere than Magnolia Memorial Park.

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